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60-year-old SugarBaby
Albany, Georgia, United States

Gender:   SugarBaby
Age:   60
Marital Status:   Divorced
Race:   Caucasian
Income:   I will let you know later
Body:   Slim
Height:   5' 7"

I am Seeking:
Looking for:   SugarDaddy
Prefered age range:   51-90

Friendly, Caring, Honest and trustworthy woman that is looking for a relationship built on our hearts. I love my life and myself. I love being around water.....ocean, river, lake, mud hole (lol)..Enjoy being outdoors. I am a very kind and considerate woman. I am not a player and do not want to contacted by any man who is please. Life is too short now for games so if you are into head games please pass me by.

A man that knows how to make a woman feel like a lady everyday of her life. To feel every night was like the first night. A man that can give all his heart and not just a piece of it because of a past bad relationship. To walk hand n' hand always at each other's side.......Life, love and laugh together. A man to give me his "all" for he will receive my all for the rest of our lives.

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